Our Mission


Whether it be modern craft and designer objects, hand-crafted jewelry, small batch apothecary goods or wall art from American and European photographers and painters; at Goods & Heroes each piece is as original and interesting as the maker themselves.

I believe modern makers are the heroes of today’s marketplace. Their imagination and ingenuity breathe new life into what were once just objects. Their passion and authenticity change not only what we treasure, but how we treasure it. My mission is two-fold: to carefully curate an ever-changing collection of beautiful hand-crafted things; and importantly share the stories of those makers who have turned their inspiration and artistry into something truly meaningful.

Suzanna Bierwirth
Owner & Curator


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About Us



Owner & Curator

A Creative Director by day, a photographer by trade, a master gardener by training, and a published interior design aficionado, Suzanna is in constant pursuit of finding objects of desire and makers of meaning.

Born in Germany, Suzanna came to America driven by curiosity, courage and an inherited restlessness. She has walked many unchartered paths, reinventing herself over and over along the way.

In 2006, she co-founded the revered design house BINTH; creating bold and breakthrough screen-printed art prints, posters, books and stationary, while leading the Made In America movement. She caught the shopkeeper’s bug when she opening the BINTH flagship store in Chicago 5 years ago.

In all her work, from graphic design, interiors, jewelry and photography, her style is based on the tension between traditional and the unexpected, timelessness and modernism, nature and industrialism, beast and beauty, sadness and glory. Now she brings that unique style and substance to Three Oaks.




Born and raised in Montana with horses, motorcycles and skiing. Surrounded by natural beauty and rooted in creativity, Brad grew up to be a maker of his own. Whether it’s building custom furniture, creating interior and exterior spaces, or designing and coding websites; Brad is a modern day inventor, a visionary with the practical know-how, to make anything real. He approaches all projects; be it a handmade dining room table or a multi-layered digital experience, with a pragmatic and purposeful point of view. The end result is something that is not only beautiful, but functional.

In addition to overseeing G+H, Brad is by trade, a freelance artist, digital consultant and a founding partner of Thankfully for us, he divides his time between Chicago and his workshop in Three Oaks.